Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lake Ray Hubbard

The lake was so dry we thought it would never come back. I went and took a few dry bottom photos with my nice camera because it was so unbelievable. After a while the dryness became normal. Every day I drove to work over a dry valley of grass and fledgling promising trees. I was told never ever EVER walk on that dry lake bottom because it was full of snakes.




Then the rain came. And it rained for months. Literally months and it never does that in Texas. We went for four weeks one time last Spring with daily rain. So then, the lake began filling up, filling up, and remarkably - it reached full! It was wonderful. For about a day. Then, a crazy thing happened. Cities started having to release water from local lakes due to... FLOODING! It made no sense. We were trying to figure out ways to keep that water until next drought. It was nuts to think of wasting it. But the lakes were actually flooded. 

So now in the month of July 2015, the rain has stopped, the sun has come out and we are finally, FINALLY able to go boating on our lovely Lake Ray Hubbard! We have gone twice in the past two weeks. I'll share some fun times lake photos. 

Some notable experiences - driving the boat across the rough part of the lake to dock up at Flying Saucer and have lunch. The trip was tricky and the docking was worse. The wind was really blowing and it took a "four point marine tie-up" (I hear it's called) to keep the boat from crashing into the dock. Picture to come!

Then more recently, driving the boat a different direction across the lake to eat lunch at Luna De Noche. That was just fun. Amazing huge-chip-nachos. And that dock was completely dry last year. Wish I photos!

The cove where ALL the boaters like to anchor up and hang out. There is questionable itsy bitsy little bitty bikini activity going on there. It's a lot of fun. :) Somehow we have family fun at the cove. Mainly because you're too far away from anyone to see exactly what is going on. Only kind of see and totally suspect. We call is the GGW Cove. Girls Gone Wild.

I think this is my second post about this lake. It's ok, I live here. It's literally 3 doors down. Thanks for reading. Time for photos!

My Youngest. Handsome Devil.

 My Family Minus One Who Was Working

 GGW Cove

 Our Boat Blowing in the Wind

 Four Point Marine Knot

Early Evening - Getting Tired!

And Tired

Me the morning before we left to go boating. I was really really happy!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Days that Shut Down Dallas, 2015

We've had three snow days in the past week. This is so incredibly unusual for Dallas! And, when the roads get icy, Dallas shuts down. And the news folks come up with inventive names like "Icepocolypse" and "Snowmageddon". I was thinking of calling this one "Snow-a-lupagus" or "Snow-pile-up-agus" like Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street. But - I realized nobody would get it but me. Mainly because I'm so freaking old... (48!) Even people my age won't get it cuz it's so odd. So, I'll just call it Snow Days that Shut Down Dallas, 2015.

Anyway, I've been taking pictures, of course! Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.

This sign rarely comes down, and it rarely snows. Well guess what?!!

Snow day last week. What a life! Poor Stanley.

I can't remember why I took this. But it's looking out my car window at work.

This is 190 in Garland. I was stopped on the highway, heading to work last Friday. I got about a mile further and turned around. I saw three wrecks and witnessed one car smash into the median. 

Stella loves the snow! Stanley not so much. 

Ironic? Blooming flowers in the snow.

Madison's snow day in Lubbock yesterday.

This is me, sitting at the kitchen table in the dark last night. I was just waiting for the snow to start!

So much snow this morning!

Stella checking it out.

Before the trampling began.

Just cool.

More perfect snow this morning.

Pristine snow today.

You can hardly see the steps.

I don't know why.

Another chair photo.

Gosh one more!

This morning.

You can't tell but this is ice glistening on the tree limbs as the sun comes up. Use your imagination..


Now this is fun!

Ice is a novelty around here.

Glistening ice. Imagine it.

Out my dining room window.

Same. Different direction.

Stanley is so handsome.

Down the street.

Stella was running everywhere.


Run Stella Run!


Connor was cold.


My favorite. Look at that face!

So cold, so slippery.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Old School Valentine

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? The older I get, the less I celebrate. Really seems like a young person's day. When I was in grade school, we purchased a box of Valentines cards and carefully wrote each classmate's name on each card. If they were special they got an extra note on the card. If they were really special they got a heart hand-drawn by me. If they were heart-pumping red-faced can't make eye-contact special, they got a card saying "will you be my valentine?" beautifully written in pencil, with the added words "check yes or no". And actual boxes in which they had to to choose one or the other, leaving no room for doubt. If they were interesting but popular and completely untouchable, they got a valentine with a special note, signed "your secret admirer." Those mysterious cards were the best! I aways hoped for a secret admirer. Something to ponder and think about all day and all week! Who could it be??? Who could LIKE me? Maybe it's him? Is HE acting strange?? 

The rich kids did something FANTASTIC. They put actual candy in their Valentines. Those cards were amazing! How did they have the time for each piece of tape? How could they afford it? My bubble gum (blo-bubble), juice-filled wax bottles and lik-m-aid cost all the allowance money I had! And that was a weekly treat possible only by walking to the distant convenience store a block past beautifully handsome Scott Berry's house. Yes, Valentines were wonderful back in the day. Hoping they are still wonderful, magical, mysterious and heart-pounding for grade schoolers everywhere! Will you be my Valentine? Check YES or NO