Possum Kingdom and Hell's Gate

Possum Kingdom is "The Great Lake of Texas." It's the most beautiful Texas lake I have seen, and it's absolutely magnificent. The lake began with the Morris Shephard Dam being built in 1941. The lake was filled in three months, and in doing, submerged a small town called Pickwick. Apparently, when the lake is low, you can still see a rock chimney from the town of Pickwick. Possum Kingdom has a capacity of 724,700 acre-feet, and has a shoreline of 310 miles. It's full of scenery and full of legend as well. Possum Kingdom State Park is probably my favorite state park in the whole state of Texas.

Possum Kingdom is notorious for Hell's Gate. Hell's Gate the name of a formation where cliffs were carved by a river running between limestone rock. The cliffs are an awesome sight, and you can drive your boat right between them today. Legend has it that the name "Hell's Gate" came into existence in 1800's, afte…