Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Texas Christmas

Christmas in Texas is never the same. I remember hot years wishing for cold, and cold years wishing for snow. Last year it actually did snow on Christmas, which never happens. This year it was sunny and cool, warm enough to sit outside and think about spring. Whatever the season, I think I enjoy looking forward to the next more. Christmas was nice, and we still have a full week off work and school to go. Seems that by Christmas afternoon, however, I'm thinking about warm sunshiny days and how I'm gonna lose that winter 10 before the sun comes out in April. But before I get lost in the future, today was a fantastic day. Everyone is happy, healthy, and having fun. Games, movies, food and just all around smiles and fun. But like I said, Christmas in Texas is never the same. Partly due to the weather, but mainly due to my kids acting like adults, being mature and patient, unwrapping slowly, and basically no longer being kids. I think I'll enjoy this new chapter. Just have to turn the page on the old one, sometime soon. 

Friday, December 20, 2013


We had an ice storm in November. It was so unexpected that Dallas shut down for three days. Well, that and the fact that we don't know how to drive on it or walk on it or even step out in it for that matter. Because of the latter, I did not take many pictures. I think my oldest did take pictures but I'll have to find them. It was pretty fun since I like staying at home. I think everyone I know was restless but me. I read an entire book, did some sleeping, and worked at home one full day. Here are a few pictures I took, when I had the nerve to go outside. It really was slick! Oh and I almost forgot, trees and branches were down everywhere, and many people lost power for days. They called it "Icemageddon" but I promised myself never to use that word. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dallas Arboretum - Mother's Day 2013

We took my mom to the Dallas Arboretum for Mother's Day. After living here since 1990 I don't know why I had never taken her there before. She's a gardener, and she is a Master Gardener and President of her local Garden Club. Duh! :( Anyway, it was a wonderful day. The place is just gorgeous and I always forget til I get there. We ended up purchasing the family membership, but of course haven't been back. Now that it's cooling off (finally!) maybe we'll head back out. I'm sharing pictures of the day. Mostly plants and kids! My boys were playing drums for passersby, I thought that was cute. They are both very good. Daughter just looked cute and took photos. Mom had a good time and dad seemed to like it too. He smiled a lot. Kids got reprimanded for throwing a frisbee. Oops. You can tell which kid is the showman of the bunch too. See frog.. It was a wonderful day and a memory I'll cherish forever!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Inks Lake Day Trip Summer 2013

We had a fun day at Inks Lake this summer. Kids got to kayak, and the grown ups just hung around and stayed cool. It's a beautiful little lake our aunt knew which site to grab. This park is always busy, so you do have to book in advance. The other problem is you can't reserve a site, so you have to get there early and claim it. That is typical for Texas State Parks. 

We saw a huge lizard, a water snake, and our neighbors across the lake had a massive water slide I had to photograph. Fun days! These are the good times!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Check the Shirt - Lake Tawakoni State Park

I'm officially a State Park Volunteer! It's something I've always wanted to do. And with my daughter going into her senior year of high school, well, I'm kind of depressed. I figure now's a great time to start doing things that make me happy and take my mind of my soon-to-be empty nest. Ugh that makes me sad just saying that. But I went out to the closest State Park possible, Lake Tawakoni, and did some volunteer work. OK, I picked up trash. But I got to walk around the lake and anywhere I wanted to go while doing it, and I got to wear a Texas Parks and Wildlife Volunteer shirt. If only for the day. (yeah I had to give it back)

The moment I took this picture was a truly happy moment in my life. I felt like I was finally where I was supposed to be. If only for a few hours. Don't get me wrong, it was hard work. I mean it was 95 outside and super humid. The lake is pretty though and I was surprised by all the "beaches" around perimeter. I got lost a few times. Once to the point of concern.. :( I learned some things. 1. Everything is better when shared with another person. - I was kind of lonely, and don't really plan on doing it by myself again. 2. You're a volunteer, so you only have to do as much work as you want.- I sort of over did it and felt kind of sore and dehydrated the whole way home. 3. You don't have to pick up anything you don't want to. - luckily I learned this one really really quickly. Some stuff just looks gross. (who would do that?) 4.Volunteer work for the betterment of others is by far more fulfilling than anything I have ever done for myself.

But otherwise I feel accomplished. Nature lover finds nature. Mark that one off the list and I'm very likely doing it again soon. (Want to try different parks as well. Lake Ray Roberts? After Ranger  _____ called me to discuss volunteer opportunities!)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Lake Whitney Part...Infinity

I'm done counting! We go to Lake Whitney a lot. Basically it's because our camper is in storage there and because it's close. We also go because it's familiar, we like it, and there are still new places to explore and new experiences to enjoy. It's great for a weekend trip. This time we took Friday off and left on Thursday for a long weekend. The lake was down 11 feet and I got a cool picture of a no wake buoy sitting on the shore. I've gotten lazy with my nice camera and simply prefer to take photos with my smartphone. These days the cameras are pretty good, and it suites my lifestyle much better! Anyway, it was also fun because we took our new dog Stella. I wanted to see if she would swim and boy did she ever! She doesn't much like our pool, but she sure loves running out into the lake. Of course, Stanley loved it as always. It was really hot, and I think I got a little exhausted and dehydrated both days. We went out on the boat once, and that was kind of fun but the kids really just wanted to stay at the camper. I don't know if we'll bring it next time - such a long drive when pulling a heavy boat. We stayed at Lofers East, site 50. Our long-time favorite.

PS. Guess I'm leaving the oversized pictures as is. I don't know what's up!