The Slab, Kingsland, Texas

If you ever take a trip to the Hill Country in summer, I would highly recommend the swim hole known as "The Slab." The Slab is in Kingsland, Texas, which is 12 miles from Marble Falls, close to Llano, Inks Lake, and Lake Buchanan. My sister-in-law introduced our family to The Slab, as she grew up in the area. Now my parents live closeby, and as a result we get to go all the time! The Slab is actually a place in the Llano River where the river flows under a road (or - over the road when the river is flooding!), and there are lots of sandy beaches, shallow water for wading, some cliffs, rocks and "waterfalls" to play in.

Swimming is free, and you just park along-side of the road. Sometimes parking is a problem, but this is part of the charm of going to The Slab. If there were parking lots, then there would be maintenance, then there would be a fee to park, and a fee to swim...

When it rains, the Slab floods. This happens every so often, and also happens when it rains…

Lake Meridian State Park, Meridian, Texas

Camping season is here! One place we will visit a lot this spring is Lake Meridian. It's a great location, just 2 hours from Dallas and 2 hours from Austin. There are several pull-through sites at Lake Meridian State Park and that makes camping easy. There is also sewage hook-up at Meridian, which is nice when you have it.

Possum Kingdom and Hell's Gate

Possum Kingdom is "The Great Lake of Texas." It's the most beautiful Texas lake I have seen, and it's absolutely magnificent. The lake began with the Morris Shephard Dam being built in 1941. The lake was filled in three months, and in doing, submerged a small town called Pickwick. Apparently, when the lake is low, you can still see a rock chimney from the town of Pickwick. Possum Kingdom has a capacity of 724,700 acre-feet, and has a shoreline of 310 miles. It's full of scenery and full of legend as well. Possum Kingdom State Park is probably my favorite state park in the whole state of Texas.

You must know about Hell's Gate to know about Possum Kingdom. Hell's Gate the name of a formation where cliffs were carved by a river running between limestone rock. The cliffs are an awesome sight, and you can drive your boat right between them today. Legend has it that the name "Hell's Gate" came into existence in 1…

Sam Houston Statue, Huntsville, Texas

When my kids were little we took road trips all the time. On day we were traveling to Houston and stopped to admire the gigantic statue of Sam Houston in Huntsville, Texas. The statue is a lofty and impressive sight, and you can't miss it when traveling on I-45 near Houston, Texas. At 67 feet tall on a 10 foot base, this statue is said to be the world's tallest statue of an American hero. The statue was built by a man named David Adickes to pay respect to Sam Houston, who was elected to be the Commander-in-Chief of the Texas military in 1835. In 1836 Texas declared independence from Mexico, and Sam Houston defended the new Republic of Texas against Mexican dictator and general Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana. Santa Ana was responsible for the carnage at the Alamo, but Sam Houston and his army later defeated Santa Ana at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836. Sam Houston was a Texas hero, and the statue is an awesome tribute to his courage and achievement.

Longhorn Cavern State Park, Texas

Last Thanksgiving my son and I went to the Texas Hill Country for the holidays. That gave us the perfect chance to visit Longhorn Cavern State Park, in Burnet, Texas! We had heard about the cavern, but didn’t know exactly where to find it or what we should expect. We went with some other family members as well, and it made for a fun trip to an amazing, lesser known Texas State Park!
Longhorn Cavern is unique, because it was formed by an underground river. That river carved the cave out limestone rock. The cave was cool in temperature and has a constant temperature year-round. It was surprising how wet the rocks were as we walked in. There was water dripping and they tour guide said it’s wet all the time. When the rain starts in the Hill Country, they have to close the cave, because the river will quickly fill up and flood the cave. It can happen so fast that people are in danger without warning. As a safety precaution, they close the cave quite often.
A few especially cool things about …

Port Aransas, Texas

I love Texas beaches. Even so, there are things you won’t find in Port Aransas. You won’t find white sand. You won’t find the gigantic shiny shells like you find at the souvenir stores. You won’t find huge waves like in Hawaii or California. You won’t find crystal clear blue water. But, Texas beaches have some great things that in my opinion make them wonderful in their own way. And there’s no shortage of character in Port A. The town has a life and personality. The ocean breeze, the smell of salt water, the jeeps everywhere, the golf carts everywhere, the friendly people walking all over town, the bathing suits and beach clothes, the fisherman getting ready to go out for the day. It’s warm, tropical and fantastic.

Here are a few especially cool things about Port A.
·You can drive on the beach! This is a big one. You can drive for miles. I mean a LOT of miles!  And you can back your car right up to the water, or as far as allowed (it varies but you can always get close to the water), an…

Inks Lake State Park, Texas

Inks Lake is a beautiful little 800 acre lake along the Colorado River in Burnet County, Texas. Inks Lake is part of the Highland Lakes chain, which is a group of 7 lakes in the Texas Hill Country. It’s a wonderful place to camp, and you have to book your site months in advance because of its popularity.
Deer are abundant in Texas, but they areeverywhereat Inks Lake. You can literally walk up to them and just about touch them. I guess they’ve become domesticated, as I know that’s not normal behavior for deer. The picture at the right with the deer crossing the street was taken at Inks.